Auto dealership job candidates have many options when crafting a resume to help them stand out from the competition. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to creating an effective resume, you can implement specific tips and strategies to ensure maximum impact.

First Considerations in Creating a Standout Resume

Your resume says more about you than your career accomplishments. It also represents your work style and level of professionalism.

Auto dealership job seekers must create a professional appearance on their resume. Ensure that you present all information neat and organized, with headers and subheaders used as needed to make content easier to read and navigate. Additionally, any formatting should remain consistent throughout the entire document; this includes font size, style, line spacing, subheadings and paragraph alignment.

Recruiters recommend that candidates stick with traditional fonts like Times New Roman or Arial; using an unusual font may detract from an otherwise impressive resume.

Beyond the Basics of an Automotive Candidate Resume

Stand out by beginning with a career summary of several sentences that includes industry-specific details. For example, highlight any relevant customer service experience or your ability to lead teams effectively. The goal is to summarize your ability to contribute to an organization’s goals.

These five additional strategies can boost your resume:

  1. When describing past work experience, aim for clarity over creativity when crafting your resume. Provide concise yet thorough descriptions of duties performed, and any accomplishments achieved from being employed in said role. Where applicable, insert industry keywords to capture the attention of resume scanners.
  2. State concrete facts such as total amounts generated or percentages improved to create strong statements, such as “responsible for managing customer relations.” Bullet the statements and begin with action verbs that show how you improved your performance, decreased waste or increased profits.
  3. Include a list of relevant certifications and examples of how you utilized them in past jobs. Consider including additional skills such as computer proficiency (MS Office/G Suite) or bilingual ability if applicable.
  4. Demonstrate commitment by displaying some knowledge of current market trends and industry throughout your application materials. You’ll show initiative and genuine care about making yourself stand out above other applicants who may not demonstrate this dedication or effort toward securing a desired role at an auto dealership business.
  5. Connect to your LinkedIn profile. Your profile showcases your connections, affirms your skills and reveals your personality.

Overall, auto dealership job seekers must remember that first impressions are key when creating resumes that are sure to impress employers during interviews and beyond!

By following these simple tips and strategies outlined above, such as creating a professional appearance throughout your documents and demonstrating commitment within the industry, you significantly increase your chances of landing the perfect job at an auto dealership business.

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