Whether you’re a Dealer looking to hire or a Manager looking to move your career forward, knowledge is the key to success. Here at Autopeople we felt that putting together a packet of information in a new digital brochure would be useful in your quest to find, retain, and negotiate with the best available candidates.

The Autopeople Digital Brochure and Salary Guide covers recruiting, current trends, the future of the Automotive Industry, growth opportunities and Salary Information for key Automotive jobs in different markets. We put this together to empower our Dealerships and Managers with information that will lead to successful negotiations.

As a Recruiter, we thrive when you do. Please feel free to download a copy of our brochure to read and review. Then you can call me, David Adragna, at 1-800-659-9501 or email me dadragna@autopeople.com to discuss how Autopeople can help you find terrific talent.