Consumers have long railed against the car buying experience. It’s no wonder that home delivery has become immensely popular.

Buyers pay an agreed-upon price, and the car is delivered to the new owner’s home.

The consumer doesn’t have to navigate the sales lot while avoiding salespersons teeming like sharks in a pool of fresh food. There are no back-and-forth hours-long sales confrontations between the buyer, salesperson, and management. Upselling is a thing of the past.

Buyers want honesty, transparency, and customized service that results in in-home delivery.

Online showrooms attract buyers quickly

Consumers today are busier than ever, balancing the many demands on their time. They rarely have time to spend half a day – or longer — at your dealership in pursuit of their next vehicle.

Thanks to the pandemic, millennial buyers have become more comfortable perusing your online inventory. They’re not the only ones, though. Many of your potential customers look online for their vehicles. They’ve discovered that a quick search will yield what they’re looking for, as they conduct their inquiries from their phones or other personal devices. These consumers aren’t just browsing. They’re buying.

More significantly, buyers no longer need to come to you. You must go to them.

How home delivery provides the ultimate in customer service

As a result, dealerships have increased their online inventory and included Robo-sales opportunities, such as a personalized AI chat feature that gathers your information and passes it along to humans. Still, that’s not enough for digital buyers today.

Six out of ten buyers who find their next vehicle online want you to deliver it to them.

Maybe their stance results from pandemic purchasing, when families bought nearly everything online and had it delivered, thanks to companies like Amazon. Some buyers still prefer contactless purchases. Others want to make their purchases when it’s most convenient for them, — and that’s rarely on a Saturday afternoon with three kids and a Labradoodle in tow.

Whatever the reason, two-thirds of all dealerships are cashing in on the one thing that matters most: exceptional personal service, including home delivery.

Hiring staff to meet consumer demand

Dealerships must rethink their staffing patterns if they’re going to meet the digital and home delivery demand of today’s post-pandemic consumer.

New positions on your team may include:

  • A digital marketer who can take pictures and write descriptions that sell vehicles to online consumers.
  • A logistics coordinator who can arrange for white-glove delivery of all purchases.
  • A coordinator who communicates with consumers throughout the process, including after delivery to make sure the transition has been smooth.

Where do dealers find persons with exceptional automotive talent and people skills? Begin by working with your automotive recruiter to identify needs and determine where to find your new top talent.

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